Aura Contour palette | Luxury Dark Eyeshadow palette

Hello! Today I will be talking about what is new with Aura cosmetics. Particularly Aura Contour palette and Luxury Dark Eyeshadow pallete.

Each product has two versions - Fair and Dark. I will be talking about the Dark palettes. You could find them in Lilly Drogerie. The price for the Contouring pallete is 14 leva and for the eyeshadow pallete 24 leva. In each store there are testers so you could make some swatches and decide which one you like the best. Let's start with my opinion, shall we.

I will be starting with Aura's contouring palette, because it is the first ever contouring pallete in bulgarian drugstores. There are one ot two more drugstore brands that make such product, but they are not available in here. The packaging is sleek, simple, sturdy and easy to use. Perfect for traveling. Because you can simply use the shades for your everyday eye makeup, and it also comes with a big mirror. It has 4 pans and each of them is 4 grams, it is decent for the price.

I believe that it is good that it has two types because for instance when I swatched the fair one in the store I came across the fact that it is perfect for those pale girls that look almost transperent. Without looking orange. I am rather pale, but I tend to contour and bronze during summer. The first color in the pallete is banana setting powder. It is matte. I believe it is the same consistency as the transparent setting powder from the Geisha collection(see here.) Even the smell is identical. Sets the skin without making it look ashy. It is not the best powder for setting the undereye. 

The second shade is the highlighter which is holographic. It has gold,silver,pink,blue and purple flex in it. It is not that intense but is buildable. It is beautiful, but it is not everyones cup of tea. The third shade is the bronzer. It is used to warm up the complection. It is in much cooler tone then the other bronzers from the brand (see here and here). It is easy to blend. 

The last color is the sculpting powder. It is used for contouring the cheekbones. It is quite pigmented so you have to be really careful. It is easy to blend as well. I do really recommend this palette because I do not believe that there will be a similar product in the drugstore. And the price is amazing.

Luxury Dark Eyeshadow palette has 12 eyeshadows. The packaging is identical with the Sleek eyeshadow palettes. They are named and numbered which is a cool detail for a drugstore makeup. It has matt shadows which makes it a perfect everyday pallete. I love the ones with a satin finish. And there are glittery ones which are good for going out. 

 I like this pallete, because I already have the shades in the Nude palette. This one has pink and purple shades and different textures which makes me wanna play more with it. It comes with a double ended brush. Which is good for a presicion.
Overall the idea of these palletes is great. I do really recommend the contouring palette, if you waited long to try a product like this. And for the eyeshadow palette I would say that if you don't need it try Aura's single eyeshadows. 
Thank you for visiting my blog. See ya soon.

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