Catrice Cosmetics| Pulse of Purism

Hey! Today I will present you Limited edition named Pulse of Purism by Catrice cosmetics. This collection came out in the beginning of Februrary. And it is such a interesting concept. They came out with very intriguing pearl serum as well as a brow product with interesting packaging.

But today I will not be talking about them. I will start with my favorite product of the limited range which is a powder blush in such a universal color. It is called C01 Pure Hibiscocoon. It easily suites all skin, eye and hair colors. I'm very impressed by the pigmentation, so you should be carefil. It is a pinky,peachy matte powder blush. It is not powdery or chalky. I trully recommend if you are in a search of a all year around universal blush tone. The packaging is sleek but not that sturdy. 

I will continue with another product from the range. This is eyeshadow trio C01 MEtal,Myself and I.

There is a more bronzy trio as well. This is such a compact trio. It is not very convinient, because all the shadows are shimmery. There is no crease color. But if you are sick of all the mattes that you own this is a little something for your makeup collection. Their pigminetation is medium. But with a wet brush they are pretty impresive. The lightest color could be used as a highlighter. It is pretty settle.

And to finish all off there are these nail stripes in gold. They are easy to use. Look increadible once put. But they only last like 3-4 days with a top coat. I do not reccomend for everyday use, but it is a great opiton if there is an event and your nail gal is not available. I got so much complements on my nails.

Thank you so much for cheking my blog out. Hope you liked it. See ya soon. Kisses.

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