Cetaphil | Moisturising Lotion and Cleanser | Review

Hey! Today I will be talking about very exciting products, at least for me. These to products are from Cetaphil's skin care range. This brand is not that known in Bulgaria. You could find them in drugstores Remedium, Subra, Mareshki and in http://www.farma.bg/ as well. I bought mine from www.boots.com. These products are actually designed for problem skin - from sensitive through dry to oily and acne prone skin. For moe info you can go to their own site.

I decided to change up my skin care because since I was little Cetaphil was a total favorite of my favorite american bloggers and vloggers, that suffer from various symptomes.
I bought this moisturising lotion and cleanser in order to control my dry skin and rosacea. I use these two products for over 3 weeks now, thats why I feel confident enough to talk about them more. They both are in a plastic bottle with a lovely pump. That makes this product easy to use and hygenic.

I will begin with the first product which I do use every morning and night right before bed from the cleanser while massaging my face and rinsing it good. The texture you can see it in the right part of the pictute, is watery, has no smell, is whitish color with tiny sparkle. After using it, my skin is left mouisturised and soft, but defenetely is not a product for a deep clense. After my testing period I believe that the cleanser clears out my pores so good and leaves my skin dewy. Very economical and for now I love it.

The next step is the moisturising lotion. It can be used for both face and body. It's not that liquidy, but it is light weight and has no smell. I apply it after every face wash. The skin absorbs it instanstly. I would like to add that it is a great makeup base. My foundation looks increadible. It hydrates enough and gives me a natiral and healthy glow.
For now these products would remain in my skin care. I would like to see the final results.

Let me conclude, these products may not be the best, but are a secure choice. For a drug store skin care may  look expensive, but if you take into account the amount that you get it really is not.
I hope this post really helped you or at least was interesting. If you have questions comment down below.

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