First impressions on Aura -Geisha Collection

 Since I heard that the Serbian brand Aura came up with a limited edition, called Geisha I couldn't wait to have it all. Thats why the moment I got them all I decided to make first impression.

The design of this collection is beautiful. White stirdy packaging with beautiful print. Feels like the ordinary packagind of the brand, but the white color makes them more elegant and playful. The collection consists of : two matte liquid lipsticks (red and ashy pink), two blushes (coral and red), transparent matte powder and a gel eyeliner in black. I own a product in each category, so I can give you a complete impression. I will present them one by one.

Let's start with the lipstick. This is Aura matte lip cream. The packaging is very different from other matte lipsticks from the brand. I personally like it more. The consistency is the same as the ordinary liquid matte creams. They feel like a mousse. They spread very uneven, but they dry beautifly into a solid color. They do not smudge or budge. There is a sweet smell and the applicator is very convenient for framing the lip right. The actual color is bloody red. Perfect for autumn or for a special occasions. After among the good aspects there is a single downfall.  When  I tried it on my lips I felt a tightening and drying sensation. Please moisturise before use.

I would like to mention the lashesh as well. As you know they are the best quality for the price in Bulgaria. They do not come with a glue which is a downfall.They are made out of human hair. So they look very natural. I recommend them if you are looking for natural and fun lashes for the holidays.

The next representative of the limited edition is a gel eyeliner. It comes in a very sophisticated packaging. Glass mini jar. Much bigger than Rimmel and L'oreal's and comes with its own brush. The quiality is amazing. The hairs of the brush are hard, which helps with the control over the line. In addition, the amount is more and the color is more intense. The texture is unique, soft and pigmented. I had some troubles with applying gel eyeliner until now. I'm fascinated. If it's time tobuy a new - try this one! It comes off very hard. 

 Let's make this blogpost more colorful and talk about a very interesting blush called Mononoke. Let's start with the beautiful packaging. I love the outlook. But it is not a product for everybody. The mosaic design is beautiful. This product is very pigmented, that's why I do not recommend it. There are small glittery particles but when you blend it good they are not visible. And the color calls summer. So it is better if you select the reddish color available.

We will finish our Japanese tale with matte translucent face powder. This product really mattifies. Very fine texture. I do not recommend it for any other skintype except oily. I personally used it only under the eyes to set my consealer. The reason is because it is not transparent. I assume that this is the typical rice powder that geishas used to whiten their faces. If you have darker complection, do not  purchase it . But for those of you who have trouble finding  white powder to lighten, this is the product for you. Both powders have a slight smell. I personally do not like it.

Let's conclude! I am very glad that I own this unique collection. There are also bad sides and there are always better products. You can find all products in drogerie Lilly. I hope you liked my approach on this blogpost . I had a lot of fun with these products.

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