M.A.C Prep+ Prime Fix+ Review

Hey! Today I will be talking about my one and only product that I've bought from M.A.C comsetics. This brand is well known with good professional makeup. Particularly, this product is quite famous in the Internet. Fix+ is a lighweight mist for finishing and setting makeup. It can be used as makeup base as well, because its full of glycerin. You can use it in order to intesify the pigmentatation of eyeshadows.

Let me enlighten you. Start putting on makeup. Firstly, put some moisturiser, then spritz some fix+ on your face. Let it dry on your skin. Put on your foundation or BB cream, set it with some powder and lets move on to you eye makeup. For instance, you are making some dramatic eyes. Spray some on a flat shader brush and pick up your bright colors and start patting on you eyelid and blend carefully. Finally, spray your whole face with the spray to set all the makeup in place and prevent the cake face look as well. It hepls blend all powder products on your face so it could look more natural.

The packaging is cute and stirdy. You are getting a lot of product for the money, for sure.

Unfortunately, as all products on earth Fix+ has its bad sides.
Firstly, in Pinterest there are numerous DIY's of this sprey. And I have used Urban Desay's All nighter and Smashbox's Primer water. So if you are interested please comment, so I could make a new blogpost where I would talk about the difference. Another disadvantage that I think is sth personal is the smell. It is too floral for my preference. 

Another tip that I could give you is that you can use eyedrops, clean water in a spray bottle or termal water (e.g. Avene).
I hope that I helped you. If you are not sure you can buy travel size. The price of the mini version is around 10 pounds, and the big bottle is arounf 17 pounds. The price is not that bad for such a economic product. If you have issues with making th cake face go away this is the product for you. 
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