Maybelline New York Eraser Eye Concealer

Hey! Today I will be talking about Maybelline's consealer. This is very well known product. You can find it here and here or at any drugstore in the UK. Let's begin.
This concealer is very hydrating and with medium coverage. It comes in two shades only  - Light and Nude. I'm presenting the ligher one. It doesn't look light at all. It is not suitable for those of you with pale skin. Both shades are yellow based. After you apply it and blend it really well it blends with your skintone so good. It is not an illuminating product unless you are with darker skintone. The applicator is a small cushion dome like cap. It is soft, but you cannot blend with it. It is not an hygenic option, but you can pop off the cap part and squeeze out product on a concealer brush or your finger of course. The price is reasonable. I use it under my eyes and set it with a powder afterwards. It does not set into the fine lines unless you blend it until it sets perfectly. During summer I used this product under my eyes and to spot conceal. It looked natural. It looks natural throughout the day. It is a perfect product for those with dry undereyes.There is a reason why it is a favorite of many people around the world.

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