Morphe BRUSHES - 35 Multi-Colour Matte Palette (35C)

Hey! Welcome back to my blog. Today we will be talking about a colourful eyeshadow pallete. As you can see from the title it is by Morphe Brushes. This is a brand based mainly in America. For the last year there was a huge hype about this brand and their products, so finally sites such as BeautyBay, CultBeauty and BeautyChamber. Of course you hardly can get the best sellers, but at least we could have a look on other products that are as good as the hyped ones. So, as you can see today I will put some color to this gloomy weather by the Morphe 35C.
Morphe 35C is a matte palette that consists of 35 eyeshadows. It comes in a big black palette with individual pans stuc side my side. They look as kids watercolor paints, aren't they? So, lets look up the ingredients. The talc and kaolin are the main reason why this palette is so chalky, there is a lot of fall out. And the other ingredients are pigments and fragrances, that mainly cause some irritations or allergies, so be coustious if you have sensitive eyelids. I have very sensitive skin as a whole and I can say that I don't feel irritead when I use this shadows. So bare that in mind. But for the fallout situation. If you tap tha access very good you will not have any problem. This shadows are pretty pigmented, but it is good to layer them.
I like how they look well blended and layered. As for the blendability, as you blend out the pigment fall out so you have to pack the color several times. But I could easily compare the quality of these matte shadows with my matte shadows by The Balm..
The price of this palette ranges from 20 to 22 paunds, which is a bargain in my plate. Because you will not put this palette down. Look ate there first two rows. Perfect everyday colors. Ideal darks for a night out smokey eye. The corner of the last row perfect brow bone highlighs.
In my opinion this palette is a must have, you will always have the trendiest makeup, because as you may know, in the beginning of 2016 everyone was about the browns and neurals, during the summer everyone hyped abouth those burnt oranges (beginning of the second row) and now the beggining of this year everyone is all about that reds (beginning of the 4th row). So I this that this palette would save you a lot of money. As for the quality I believe that it is a good palette for a product made in China.
Soon I will be talking about some Morphe brushes, so then you will make up your mind if you will make a huge purchase out of the sites above. Hope you are having a great day. Comment down below what you think. See ya soon. Kisses.

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