Nanshy| The Eye Brush Set (Black Onyx)

Hello! Until now I have always showed you fun makeup ideas and I talked about different brushes that I use with different products. Now is the moment to show you the brushes that I've been loving along with Real Techniques. Today I will present you Nanshy a British brand. They make synthetic professional makeup brushes for both eyes and face. An they are really inexpesive. When you recieve them they are ina  really pritty box all lined up as well.
Комплектът, който си избрах е с черни, матови дръжки. На тях е написано всяка една четка, за какво се използва. Но това не сте длъжни да ги спазвате, понеже всеки има различни очи. Те са веган, круелти фри. Косъмчетата са мека, антибактериална синтетика.
The set that I have is in color Black onyx, they also come in perlecent white. They are all named. But you don't have to use them as it is said, of course. They are Vegan, cruelty free. The bristles are soft, and made of  antibacterial synthetic.

The brushes are extremely soft and full. They are good quality. Not even a single bristle has fallen. I will start presenting them to you one by one. 
I'm starting up with Large shader. This is a domed, flat brush. It is used to pack on the shadow all over your lid. I really like using it on my undereye to blend my consealer, as well. Really useful and soft. 

The second brush is a Blending Eyshadow. As the name entitles it is used for blending the harsh lines . But if your eye it tiny you could use it as a highlighter brush. I am really happy with it . It blends like a dream. And it packs on product really well.

The third brush is called Eye Crease. She is a smaller version of the Blending Eyeshadow. Perfect for defining your crease. Really precise. 

The forth brish is called Tapered Crease, perfect for defining precisly your crease. Perfect for people with tiny eyes. I love blending the eyeshadown under my eye. I really needed a brush like this for such a long time. 

The Fifth brush is Flat definer. It can be used for smudging lines and do more preciese lining. Really useful, but to be honest it is too big even for my huge eyes. 

The sixth one is called Precise Bent Eyeliner. I have never owned such thing. And I always wondered how I would apply a preciese eyeliner with e curved brush like this. But honestly it made my life easier. It is prefection, highly recommend it. 

And the last brush is Angled Detailer. This brush is perfect for sharpening lines with concealer, I used it for eyeliner as well. It is quite useful. 

In conclusion I would like to say that these brushes are beautiful, stirdy, useful and cheap. Unfortunately, they may be hard to get in Bulgaria. They are really well made, taking into account the fact that they are hand made. There are same disadvantages as well. The brush holder part is a little bit short and fat. That makes them a little bit of a challengde to work with. Another bad point is that they are made for a pritty big eyes. I hope someday to get my hands to their face brushes. If I made you fall inlove with this beauties here is a 20% discount code masterful20

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