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Hey! Today we will be talking about two products from the NYC brand. This inperesing brand you can find in

The first product is Sun 2 Sun Bronzing powder. It is a two bronzer shades in one packaging. The packaging itself is pretty sturdy. It is not a matte bronzer. It contains a little bit of sparkle, but it is not that bad. The left side is darker bronzy- orangy shade that is too orange for my pale skin. But is a nice blush alternative. The Right side is very beautiful - perfect for my skin tone, it does not look orange. 

The product itself sits beautifully on the skin, it does not sit patchy at all. Long lasting. It is not the perfect bronzer, but for the price it is a very good alternative.

The second product is a lip gloss. For my suprise it is really pigmented, almost identical to a liquid lipstick. The packaging and the applicator is well- made. The color is beautiful - perfect for autumn or a special event. It doesn't stick your lips together. Long- wearing and really beautiful. I'm really happy with it. And It costs only 2 leva. 
Sorry for the shorp post, but this brand is really good for the price. 

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