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     Hi ! Today I decided to talk about Real Techniques make-up brushes and my experince with iHerb.com. This is an American site for supplements and makeup. This blogpost is not sponsored. The site is very easy to use and customer service is great. They are very helpful and will answer all your questions. All the time they have amazing discounts. Every new cistomer gets from 5 to 10% discount for their first order. I placed 3 different orders for these brushes. My orders were delivered by Bulgarian post services. Each package arrived in 2 weeks. They are safely wrapped. If you have questions about anything please contact me. 
Real Techniques is created by Samatha and Nicola Chapman. They are famous for their youtube channel.

My first order was of their Eye starter kit. Which comes in a decent makeup brush case and it consists of 5 brushes. They are perfect for new enthusiasts. 
The first brush that I'll talk aboutis the deluxe crease brush. It's perfect for blending the crease. 
Most importantly all the Real Techniques brushes are made out of Taklon bristles which are synthetic, so the brushes are 100% cruelty-free.
The second brush from this kit is brow brush. It is an engled brush, but in my opinion it is too thick to be a brow brush. Its not precise enough. So personally I do not recommend buying this one but you are actually obligated.

The third brush is the accent brush. It is usually used for accenting on the bottom lid or the inner tear duct area. It is a good brush.

The forth brush  is actually a base shadow brush. I use it in order to deepen my crease color. I tried it to place eyeshadow all over my eyelid but unfortunately its too small for my huge eyes.
 The last brush from the eye starter kit is file line brush. I've never used it, so I'll continue forward.

The second makeup brush kit that I've purchased is the sculpting set which is collector's edition. I'm inlove with this one. It consists of 3 brushesh. They meant to be for contouing and highlighting.
Probably they are my favorite 3 Real Techniques brushesh. 
1. Sculpting brush - perfect for preciese contour;
2.Setting brush - perfect fo setting the undereye area;
3. Fan brush - ideal for highlighting with powder highlighter; ( firstly I was iffy about it but now I'm loving it) 

The next brush that I would like to present to you is their powder brush. OMG ! It's extemely soft and huge and pure perfection. You gefenetly need it in your life.
Last but not least, their blush powder. Blends perfectly.

Lastly, my all time favorite Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This brush if life ! It's multy task brush, but it is beyond perfect for applying foundation. If you want to try one Real Techniques brush this is  must have.

The brushes are easy to clean and they dry out fast. They have self-stangind bases so it can stand upwards. They do not lose their shape and also do not shed. Good quality and the best choice that you can make. 

I hope you found it helpful. If you read all the information, and you are reading this - You are awsome! If you have any questions leave a comment down below. I would make a post about my brush collection in the future so stay tuned :)
You can find all the products mentioned here

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