❥ Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner | Review

Heyy ! Today I'll be talking about one great product. Let me present you the gel eyeliner by Rimmel London. Everyone was raving about the Loreal's one, but no one said a word or even a phrae about the best drugstore gel eyeliner in my opinion of course. I heard about this product from a bulgarian blogger and vlogger Ivana Aleksandrova. Also I needed a new eyeliner so bad. In her video she says everything that I would say about this product. 

When I recently went to Lilly Drogerie - I was literally staying all confused between the Loral's stand and Rimmel's one. I had to choose between Loral Paris Super Liner and Rimmel Londeon Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner.
And I started comparing:
  • the packaging - identical
  • quantity - they differ in 0,4 grams ( the Loreal's one have more product)
  • brush - identical
  • color - carbon black
  • price - this was the point where I decided what to buy ( Loreal - 15 lv; Rimmel - 10lv)

    I was so pleased that this product met my needs. Increadibly black. Perfect consistecy and very easy to work with. I tryed the brush that it came with .. as you can guess It was a total fail. I listened to Ivana's recommendation and tryed with Impala brush - number 12. It glides perfectly. When you are trying to touch up or reapply it on your eyes it  doesn't move ot smudge. The color is extremely black. You can make amazing shapes. It dries very fast. Its perfect for people on the go.

    It was time to rally test it. Very humid day in Veliko Turnovo. The whole day I was outside. I wore this eyeliner for 12 hours. The sun didn't dry the liner. The sweat couldn't even bother. The product didn't move for 10 hours straight. But after that it starter smudging a little bit but nothing to major. I cleaned it up with a clean q-tip. The whole process ot wipeing the product is very easy. It doesn't stain. If you are trying this just for the water line area, it's not a good product. 
    My critera for a good eyeliner were all met:
    1. Strong pigmentation ☑
    2. Permanence ☑
    3. Easy access ☑
    4. Easy to apply ☑
    5. Compactness ☑

    And not to forget the design is very sleek. The reviews on the Internet really shocked me. I do recommend it with both hands. 
    I'm sorry that this post is so short, but what else I could say about one cheap and perfect product.

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