Rowenta Elite model look Review

Hey guys! So, let me introduce you to my must haves for perfect hair look:
1.Rowenta for elite model look - hair dryer (STUDIO DRY 2000)
2.Rowenta for elite model look - Flat Iron & Hair Straighteners (OPTILISS 230)
3.Rowenta for elite model look - Curling Iron (CURLING TONG)

Well, I have been using this tools for a long period of time and I Decided to share you my thoughts about them and to help you find your perfect tool for your desired look or hair type.
Shall we start :)

To begin with, I would like to talk about Rowenta for elite model look - hair dryer (STUDIO DRY 2000). Well here is the story about this dryer. I have pretty thick, long and frizzy hair and all my life i blamed my genes, but the problem was in my little (600w) dryer that was taking me years to dry my hair out. So, one day i was had my hair done by me hair dresser and she desided to show me how to flat iron my hair with a hair dryer, so she used a dryer that is over 2000w and it took her like few minutes to dry and straighten my huge hair and i was impressed. So I bought this dryer. On the box it says that this product is
- 2000w
- powerful fast drying
- 3 heat/ speed positions
- perfect result
- Cool air shot
- Long lasing hairstyle
- concentrator
- precision / perfect result
- easy to use
- long cord (1,80 m)
- hanging loop
- easy storage
purchase it here
Well my opinion is that this product is pretty good. To start with,it is very powerful with its 2000w. It has 3 speed options which is very handy. If you dont want to damage your hair you could press the big pink button with the snowflake on it and it spreads cold air(but not freezing).
The concentrator helps to manage easily the perfect hair style that you would like. It is easy to use with its long cord that its not limiting. If you don't have storage space it is easy to store with its hanging loop. It doesn't frizz up your hair and do not moist it to puff out.
On the down side, if a hair falls in to the blade of the dryer, it sound like something is beeing cut. But, it is not dangerous at all because if it desides to burn or to blow up it automatically stops working till you remove it from the otlet. Another cons of the dryer is that if you want to dry your hair with the cool air flow you must press the button constantly in order to have it cool all the time.
To sum up, the dryer is really affordable and perfect for daily use. To update you about this product. It acctualy broke. And I replaced it with a new Rowenta hair dryer. I will make an review about it too. Stay tuned!

The second product is Rowenta for elite model look - Flat Iron & Hair Straighteners (OPTILISS 230) and on its box it says:
- High heat (up to 230 degrees)
- multi-positions ( heat regulator)
- Ceramic coating
- Protecting coat ( damage free)
- fast heating up ( 30 sec)
- slim plates ( 2,5 sm)

Firstly, this is a must-have flat iron. As I said earlier my hair was a frizz ball and pretty wavy and I HATED everything about it. I tryed various flat irons but nothing worked for my hair type. But of course this is my new holy grail. It strengthens so smooth and makes your hair so shiny like a japanese hair model. The heating is so fast and its easy to work with. Thanks to the slim plates it is perfect for flat iron curls (that I am plannig to show you in an upcomming blog post so stay tuned).
I have nothing bad to say about this straightener. Pure perfection.

And the last product is Rowenta for elite model look - Curling Iron (CURLING TONG) that gives you:
- heating up to 180 degrees
- Ready to use in 1 minute.
- Ceramic coating
- hanging loop
- 16 mm barrel
- And a cool tip.

you can find it here

This is a small curling iron perfect for crimps and small ringlets. Its heating level is perfect for all types of hairs and its ceramic coating makes your hair so shiny. The only down side of this iron is that it it small sized if you want bigger curls you should check out the ones with bigger barrels( this line owns that king of ones).
Its cool tip is perfect for gurls that have the tendency to burn them selves all the time. And it is painful I know. It has a clip that helps a lot in my opinion.

To sum up all that I wrote I believe that this line of Rowenta products are amazing.
This was an old post of mine. When I firsr attempted to blog. I decided that are going to me interested.
Thank you for cheking out my blog. Hope I helped you.

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