Stila Trust in Love Gift Set | Review

Hey! Today I will present you very famous brand called Stila. This is a Gift set ideal for Christmas or New year gift for those make up lovers. Stila is not huge in Bulgaria, but I got some products during my stay in England. It came fast and shipping was free. This is a very inexpensive brand for the quality. In this set we get a lot only for 15 pounds.

Let's start with how the palette looks. Well designed packaging, it has a magnet closure. Beautifully designed like a love letter in gold color. To make it look vintage. 

Thr details of the packaging are amazing. And thats why I bought it. The outlook got me.

As shown on the sheme we get 10 eyeshadow colors from glittery to matte. Full size of a lip gloss. We all know that Stila lip glosses are the best. And a mini mascara.

My opinion on the eyeshadows is contreversial. The more I use them the more I fall inlove.

As you can see these colors are ideal for everyday makeup to night out makeup look. They have different finishes. Very pigmented and soft. Easy to blend using fingers and brushes. A lot to choose from color wise. Pink tones are perfect for the spring. Brown and bordo olors are ideal for the fall, gold and blue eyeshaows perfect fo the sunny summer. And those perfect highlight shades makes this palette perfect.

The next product is the lip gloss. This gloss was the best product for a lot ot youtubers when the glosses were in style, bu the slwly and shurely are making thir way thru those perfect liquid lipsticks. It is a clear gloss, peach toned. Verry glossy but sticky. It stays for such a lond time. If I have the chance I would buy more shades. It is perfect for those of us with thin lips.

I will finish off with the mascara. Perfect size for 3 months of usage. As you may know we must throw our mascaras every 3 months ecause of bacteria that can cause eye infections. The brush is huge bu perfect for my big eyes. This mascara makes my lashes so long and black. This is my favorite mascara ever. Really recommend.

I finished with the positive sides. There are a few cons that I will point out. The eyeshadows are so buttery that the crumle and fall apart. Tou have to be really careful with the palette.

The gloss is perfect but you realy have to be careful on windy days so your hair won't stick. This is not a major issue for me but bare it in mind.

And I finish it off with the mascara that does not have any downfalls. So buy it now!

To conclude,m y overall opinion is positive. You get a lot for the price. The quality is higher then a grugstore product. I really do recomend and hope to try out new products from the brand.

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