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 Hey! Today I will be talking about a very interesting product by The Body shop. This is their All- In- One BB cream. We got these recently in Bulgaria, so for me this is a new product. I have read very mixed reviews on it, but I decided to give it a try.
This product claims to adapt to your skin tone, that it has a light to medum coverage, it is easy to get an even finish, offers a 24 hours long hydration as well as it does not clogg the pores.
 So, this is my secong week trying out this product and I have something in mind already. Don;t get me wrong. I'm inlove with this product. It has e beautiful luminous light let's say to medium finish. It is easy to apply and spread evenly. I'm not sure about the 24 hour hydration, who wears their makeup for so long. I am certain about the non clogging feature. The thing that makes the beautiful picture of this product not that good is the adapting part of it.
Well the bb cream is very liqidy. You have to shake the tube so it comes out even. And don't me alarmed it is a white liqid with brown beads. Well, I got two shades, because the number 00 shared me that It will be too light for my pale skin. Oh, well. It is skightly darker then my skintone. Bare in mind that I am pale, but there are even paler people out there. So I make this shade word for me. And it look so beaming from within. Looks seemless, pefect for those summer and sping days. Well another thing to take into account is the fact that it stays tacky and does wipe off to your clothes pretty easily.
 Well, to sum it up. I love the finish and the look that it gives me. Works wonders for my dry skin. It shortens my makeup routine with alomost 20 minutes. It does not cake up. And I believe that is a great product I do recommend. But if you are lighter then me, or you are oily, please do your research.
Hope you liked this blog post. Comment down below your favorite bb cream.

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