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Hey! Today we will be talking about a very popular product - Original Mineral Veil By Bare Minerals. Recently, I have been on a hunt for a good loose powder for setting my undereye area. I experience some creasing, so for the past few months I have tried various powders and this is one of them.
Bareminerals is a brand mainly focused on mineral ingredients. This became a thing in the past year. Also, this product is the most mentioned by Beauty Gurus in Youtube. So I decided to give it a go.
I purchased mine online from Well as you can see the packaing is pretty photogenetic. Very simple but sleek at the same time. It has pretty safe packaging. Good sifter. But as soon as you break the protector it gets messy. It is not travel friendly for sure.
The actual powder is so thin and airy. I have never felt a powder this fine. The wierd thing is that is it pretty pinky colored. I believe that hepls covet r those darkcircles by eliminating the dark tones under your eyes.
Well, I tried the powder three ways.
The first one was with a middle sized fluffy brush. Whit tiny product. Running under my eyes. Well it gives the "veil" that it claims on the packaging. But it does not illuminate. The pinky undertone is seamless. It works fine but not great.
The second is with the same brush but it is loaded up with powder. With patting motions. It sinks into the skin so you don't have the time to blend it seamlessly.
And lastly I tried it with a damp Beauty Blender using the baking technique. Well it brightens but it cakes up so bad, emphasizing my fine lines. Makes me look older. I am not a fan of that look.
So in order to conclude I would like to say that this is not the powder for setting the undereye area, but it works wonders for setting the whole face. It created that beautiful veil that makes a great base for other powder products you may use.
It does not mattify entorely, letting the natural glow peek through.
I believe that this is a great product for this with perfecy skin that would like to use minimal effort and not damage their skin with chemicals and I have heard that a lot of pregnant women use this brand.
I like the concept and I would really would like to try other products from the range.
Let me know what you think down below.
Hope you find it useful.
See ya soon.

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