Braun Face 810 Face epilator

Hello! Today I will present you a cleansing and epilating tool by Braun. This is Braun Face 810. This is probably my first time writing an blogpost about a tool, so bare with me. I think I will start up with the price and where you can buy it. Well I bought mine last summer in Tesco's website. You can find it in Boots as well. The price ranges from 50 to 70 pounds.
Well, lets begin with the epilator part of the tool. This tool has mini tweezers that are rotating and catch even the smallest hairs. If you compare it with a normaln body epilator where your hair should be as long as a 1 santimentre. I myself have a upper lip hairs as well as a "peachfuzz"all over my face. So this epilator removes everyting without irritating my skin and looks flawless, feels so soft and dreamy - perfect base for a makeup. I even shape my eyebrows. It is suck a handy tool and it is perfect for travelling. It has a safety cap and a little brush to clean out the tweezers.
Secondly, this tool transforms to a face cleaning brush. So for the price you get two gadjets. You pop out the epilator head  and put the face brush. You can customize it by buying the normal head which is this white one, the pink brush - for sensitive skin, the blue brush - exfoliating and the beauty sponge which makes this 2 in 1 toon into a 3 in 1 toon because actually it can become a vibrating makeup applicator (see here). You are getting the most out of your money. I use the face brush under the shower, sleans the pores perfectly, leaving the skin soft and healty looking. It is a good prep for the epilation after that. The perfect spa day in the comfort of your home. I truly do recommend this tool. Hope you liked my review. If have any questiones please let me know. See ya soon. Kisses.

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