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Hello! Today I will be talking about a blush palette by Makeup Revolution London. This is a very famous palette called Sugar and Spice. 

Black and sleek palette with a huge mirror. Contains of eight shades. Two of them shimmery, four completely matte and two highlight shades.

Well, to begin with I am super impressed by the quiality of the packaging. Super stirdy and well made. The pans are huge for  only 6 paunds you will newe find 6 blush shades and two highlights. It is a bargain.
The actual blush is very pigmented, but buttery enough to blend effortlesly. I believe that the quality is a much higher than a regular drugstore blush. Usually the drugstore ones are so pigmented and apply patchy. I have no problem like this one.
And about the simmery blushesh when you tap off the acces out of the brush the glitter falls off. But the last two highlight colours are a little bit funny. The icy pinky highlight is amazing. It looks lik an icy water on your high points, but the bing kighlight is very scary. It is so pigmented it is true barbie pink and all that shimmer. Its impossible to use it as a blush it would emphisise your pores. I reccomend using it as an eyeshadow.
Well, to sum up the price and quality it fantasic. I love the highlight and the fact that you can mix and match  and customize your own blush shade is amazing.
Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed my review. Comment down below what you think.
See ya soon. Kisses.

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